Instruction Projects Manager

Instruction Projects Manager


The Instruction Projects Manager creates and maintains online instruction modules, learning objects, tutorials, and videos to support library instruction and initiatives in information, digital, and AI literacy. Serves as an administrator for the SpringShare platform, develops LibGuides and LibAnswers, and provides documentation, updates, and training for the use of SpringShare tools. Coordinates weekly virtual reference service. Participates in service activities, outreach, and professional development. Other duties as assigned.

40% - Essential - Online Projects Management:
Develops and maintains LMS instruction modules, learning objects, tutorials, and videos to teach information, digital, and AI literacy skills and to promote library resources and services. Serves on the Instructional Cross-Functional Team and participates in the creation and assessment of online instructional materials. Creates and updates digital versions of handouts, posters, and publications. Determines need for online instructional objects and coordinates development with appropriate collaborators. Provides expert-level consultation and collaborates with librarians to design and create LMS instruction modules, supporting materials/media (audio, video, games, etc) and engaging activities to support student learning outcomes and incorporate best practices in learning technologies and instructional design. Ensures online instructional content meets and exceeds accessibility standards.
40% - Essential - SpringShare Coordination:
As a SpringShare administrator, provides support, updates, and training for the use of SpringShare products such as LibGuides, LibAnswers, and LibCal. Consults with librarians on the use of LibGuides, including LibGuide development, creating templates, and strategizing content. Documents and maintains Springshare procedures and best practices. Creates LibGuides and assists librarians with LibGuide creation and updates. Teaches librarians skills needed to update research guides, assessment tools, and other SpringShare content. Remains current on platform changes and trends. Works with colleagues in Digital Strategies to coordinate and implement updates and changes.
10% - Essential - Virtual Reference Services:
Coordinates and maintains weekly reference chat and on call schedule for Teaching & Learning department. Answers informational and research questions through chat, email, and in-person. Records statistics for assessment and generates reports on a monthly basis.
10% - Essential - Service Activities, Outreach, and Professional Development:
Participates in library and university service activities such as committees, task forces, and ad hoc groups. Participates in department projects and activities such as orientations, retreats, and tabling at outreach events. Participates in staff development such as training, workshops, and webinars related to job functions and in order to increase knowledge of the Libraries or University. Complies with Libraries, University, State, and Federal policies and procedures.

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Employees are eligible to participate in the ERP if they meet the following requirements:

  • They are active, full- and part-time FTE, TLP and TGP employees
  • They remain employed by Clemson University throughout the period from the point of making the referral to the referred candidate’s hire date
  • The candidate they refer is hired to a full-time position


  • Candidates who have already applied are not eligible to be referred
  • Members of the search committee conducting the search for the respective candidate
  • Interns, temporary/intermittent employees, vendors, contractors, consultants or any type of employee on any type of leave