Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies

Clemson, SC


Clemson University
College of Engineering, Computing, and Applied Sciences
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies

The College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences invites internal applications for the position of Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies. The college seeks an Associate Dean who will provide leadership in building world-class educational undergraduate programs that will enhance the college’s undergraduate academic enterprise. The individual who holds this leadership position will report to the Dean and serve the college by providing support to the faculty, students, and college in the area of Undergraduate Studies.

In this position, the successful candidate will articulate a compelling vision for the Office of Undergraduate Studies that leverages and builds on the college’s existing capabilities and resources and builds closer linkages across colleges and other academic institutions both statewide and nationally. The chosen candidate will promote a culture of excellence and innovation in undergraduate education by fostering cutting-edge programs that are closely integrated and take advantage of the alliance of engineering and science in the college to create a world-class STEM experience that will attract top talent. This educational experience should integrate experiential learning into the curricula to support the holistic development of the undergraduate student – a specific focus should be applied to further develop integrated environments that support undergraduate research, global engagement, leadership development, and community-engaged learning.

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Employees are eligible to participate in the ERP if they meet the following requirements:

  • They are active, full- and part-time FTE, TLP and TGP employees
  • They remain employed by Clemson University throughout the period from the point of making the referral to the referred candidate’s hire date
  • The candidate they refer is hired to a full-time position


  • Candidates who have already applied are not eligible to be referred
  • Members of the search committee conducting the search for the respective candidate
  • Interns, temporary/intermittent employees, vendors, contractors, consultants or any type of employee on any type of leave